VLC Mod APK (Premium, Everything Unlocked)


There are various formats that the device player cannot play. To play those media, you need a media player. The cross-platform for multimedia is VLC Mod APK. This program can quickly identify CDs, gadgets, and many streaming portals. Initially created for PCs, this program is currently being created for Android devices, thanks to advancements and additional features.

This application is also available for Android devices. Any material can be played on your smartphone. With the help of this application, Android devices may play media more efficiently and smoothly.

You do not need to utilize any third-party applications to play the media, which could damage your device. Because it is free and straightforward to get from any source, you can easily download this program on your smartphone.


About VLC App

Android smartphones can use the multiplayer app VLC Pro MOD APK. Additionally, it supports various platforms, including PC, iOS, and others. However, this article will discuss the Android-exclusive VLC Mod App.

As you know, most of us utilize the MX Player Pro, the most popular Android media player. VLC is just one of many alternative media players that are out there and offer some very unique features.

It is a cross-platform media player that is free and open source for all media formats, including music and video. Both the streaming option and practically all file kinds are supported. Its user interface is quite basic and straightforward to use. Therefore, you should install VLC Pro Apk on your device if you discover it to be one of the best MX Player alternatives.

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The desktop version of VLC, a very potent media player, is well-known for its incredible performance. Additionally, playing any form of video, audio, DVD, or ISO file is effortless right here. Additionally, it allows network streaming, allowing you to use the VLC media player Mod Apk to play web videos.

Today we will provide the VLC Hack Mod Apk download and thoroughly review all the top features. Additionally, we walk you through each step of the App installation process. Installing it on your smartphone is as simple as clicking the download button. So let’s start right now.

What is VLC APK?

A multimedia player, VLC APK enables users to play any media with the aid of this program. Almost all of this application’s features are free to use. You are not charged to utilize those features.

Certain features are exclusive to the application’s pro edition and require a purchase to utilize. You can pay to utilize something. In this application version, advertisements also appear on the screen when you are streaming media.

What is VLC Mod APK?

The modified or hacked version of the application is called VLC Mod APK. It implies that using those features is free because they are included in the mod version for no additional cost. The user can use the application’s premium features for nothing in this version.

This version also does away with the commercials that appear on the screen while streaming. The app can be used without advertisements.

Features of VLC Mod APK (Pro, Unlocked All)

As mentioned, it has several genuinely remarkable and practical features. Here, we review the application’s pros; if you decide to download it, you should read it to know better how to use the media player.


Advanced Video Player

Users download the software to play videos. This is because the software’s main feature is its ability to play any video on an Android device. The video player is instrumental and practical. All video formats are supported, including Mp4, MKV, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv, and AAC. Additionally, it supports ISOs and DVDs for PCs.

You can paste the link to any web video you have and play the video. This occurs as a result of the functionality that permits internet streaming.

The video player has all the required choices, including aspect ratio, subtitles, popup video playing, and video speed. Playing, pausing, and using the gesture control method is simple.

Advanced Audio Player

VLC is not only a helpful audio player but also a video player. It has a media collection with both audio and video content. As a result, playing audio from your audio files (such as mp3) is simple.

Here, the app offers all the options for the finest music playback. Additionally, you get great audio control widgets. Therefore, if you locate an excellent audio player, you can install it and listen to your favorite music.

Easy Controls

Although the controls for this program appear to be challenging to use, they are not. This streaming application’s controls are simple enough for everyone to use and comprehend.


Buffer Free Streaming

This application’s media streaming is buffer-free. The videos do not have to be loaded to be viewed. While watching videos, there won’t be anything to distract you.

Supports all Version of Android

This application supports all Android versions. Because it readily supports all versions, you can download this application from anyone.

Equalizer for Videos and Audio

We require an equalizer to get better sounds, which is a crucial option. We can regulate the treble, bass, and more using this. Do not worry; you may use it on your smartphone by finding it on the VLC Mod Apk.

You can use it for both your audio and video content. Sound good? I am aware of this, and I, too, employ it to regulate the audio and video volume.

Quick voice search

Users of VLC for Android are constantly delighted and grateful for this application’s benefits. You do not need to swiftly enter text when you can use your voice to search for anything.

Additionally, the UI of this application is incredibly aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, making it simple to identify each item. Users can now enjoy every audio and video in the highest quality, thanks to its attention to detail.

Network Protocols

High-level network protocols are used in this application. These sophisticated network protocols allow for buffer- and interruption-free streaming. This enables the user to stream without any difficulties from the internet.

Video Options

You can use this application’s many video choices, including play, pause, advance, and rewind while watching a video. These options are applicable not only to videos but also to music.

Popup Videos on the Screen

This function of VLC Mod APK Pro is also quite fascinating and helpful. Your video can be played here on any screen. You can view your preferred videos on the Home screen or any other application screen.

It is helpful when we watch a significant video and simultaneously need to chat or do other tasks. You may efficiently complete both tasks here. You can watch them while the video plays in a little popup window.

Support auto-rotate and video aspect ratio adjustment

Users of the VLC Mod App for Android can rotate the video per their needs freely. You have the option to move left, up, and down. Additionally, you can adjust and align the aspect ratio however you like.

Additionally, the video’s volume is determined by your preference. You may adjust the sound volume to suit your comfort level. An excellent video is also made possible by the brightness of the video. It is both brilliant and light if the intelligence is accurate. It will pique viewers’ curiosity to the point that they will want to watch it whenever they have time.

PRO Unlocked Features

You can utilize and gain access to all of this application’s premium features. If the program is free in the modified version of this application, all the features are pro and paid. The application is available for free download.

Ads Free

Additionally, there is no advertising on this program. All of the media on this application can be streamed for free without any adverts interfering with the content you are watching.

Easily Available

This application is simple to locate and download from Google. Both are these applications inexpensive and easy to find. It must not be easy to locate an application with all the premium features. If you locate this kind of application, you must pay for it.

Download VLC Mod APK Premium (Hack/VIP + Unlocked Everything) Latest Version

It is simple to download the VLC MOD APK from the apkaft website. When you hit the download button, the Apk file will download on your device. Additionally, you may get free Mod versions of all the well-known Android apps and games. All you have to do is look for them and download them.

We provide the download link for the VLC PRO Mod Apk file at the top of the page. It only takes a single click to install on your device. Follow the instructions if you do not know how to install an app.

To download VLC mod from apkaft.com.

The “Unknown Sources” option must be enabled.

1. To download the VLC MOD APK, click the Download option at the top of the page.

2. Conserve the file in the downloads folder on your device.

3. Click the VLC file you just downloaded to install it, then wait for the process to be finished.

4. As soon as it is finished, you can launch the program and use it right away.


Is this application VLC Hack Mod APK harmful to mobile?

No, downloading this application is secure.

Is the mod of VLC APK free to download?

Yes, you can download this program for free.

Is this application VLC Mod APK for Android devices?

Yes, android smartphones may use this application.

Are the controls of VLC Pro Mod APK easy?

Yes, this application’s controls are simple.

How to download VLC Mod APK Premium Unlocked?

This program is available for download from Google.


For Android mobile phones whose built-in media players do not support all types of media, VLC Mod APK Premium Unlocked is the finest application. You can use this program because the application’s controls and user interface are simple to use and comprehend.

Get all this application’s pro and other features for free by downloading it for free. The modified version of the application has all the functionalities. Due to the application’s modified version, you can get the complete set of functionality for nothing. On your Android device, this is the best software you can utilize.


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