Viber Mod APK (Optimized, Premium Unlocked)


Viber is just like WhatsApp and other well-known talking apps. While utilizing social networking and messaging services, we all desire that the interfaces be aesthetically pleasing. Viber’s user interface is immediately welcoming and tidy, whether you use a desktop or a mobile device.

It is simple to use and offers valuable recommendations and pointers if unsure where to begin. Viber is cost-free. All you need to get started is a data plan or a Wi-Fi connection. Open a group chat, send texts, make free international calls, and much more!

Viber Mod APK installation on Android smartphones is straightforward. After downloading the program, input your contact number and username on the prompt screen. The system covers the rest and records the user’s mobile number.


Like most chatting services, Viber validates your account by sending a message to your phone. With some exclusions, such as calls made to landlines, international calls, and calls made to cell phones without the Viber app, most of Viber’s capabilities are accessible.

It is well regarded by many people worldwide for its quick message transmission speed and for making loud and clear voice calls. The finest part is that it is entirely free to download and use, and you can utilize it to join important meetings with numerous coworkers.

Additionally, you will receive many fun quizzes that will help you unwind and create lasting memories. Emotions can also be freely expressed by using smiley stickers and emojis. With Viber, you may communicate for as long as possible without paying for SMS or calling services.

Nearly all current operating systems, including Android, iPhones, Windows Phones, Nokia, Bada, and Windows Phones, are compatible with this app. Each communication should have a timer so the recipient may complete reading it. You can set a timer for each communication to track how long it takes the receiver to read it.

This could last as little as ten seconds or as much as a day. Both the sent and received emails will then be automatically erased.


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About Viber App

Send messages and make fast phone calls. A chatting and calling app is called Viber Messenger. Users interact and converse with the people they choose. A practical program with many excellent features. One of the most widely used communication applications is it. People would be able to connect effortlessly with Viber Messenger.

Bring many excellent features available for use. You can send an unlimited amount of messages using Viber Messenger. Both calls and chats can be created. Viber Messenger is a tool for establishing numerous contacts with neighbors. Speedily place calls and send messages.

Calling and texting are now among the quickest methods of communication available. Helping you swiftly connect when you are in a rush. It is also more convenient to chat or trade work. One of the programs with such a feature is Viber Messenger.

Offer users exceptional features. Call loved ones and acquaintances. You can still communicate without having to meet in person. Users will receive the most outstanding services from Viber Messenger. Offers resources to support rapid communication. Calling or sending texts is now incredibly simple. The tool that will assist you in doing that is Viber Messenger.


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Features of Viber Mod APK (Premium Unlocked + Optimized/Lite + Mod Extra Plus Pro)

The original gameplay is altered and replaced in the Viber Plus Pro MOD APK, which provides players with amazing hacks and advantages. Take advantage of the increased features and perks to get the most out of the application. The application has a wide range of capabilities, but accessing these premium features costs money for a subscription.


However, as most people cannot pay for it, we offer the consumers a free version. Enjoy the premium features and assistance of the free application version. This most improved mod version enables casual gaming with the best of the rules and has ad-blocking regulations. Explore the antiban features without glitches or lag because the version does not need any rooting to be installed.


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Below, we have discussed some of the most valuable features and capabilities of Viber MOD APK.

Free Voice Calls

You can send hundreds of messages and place thousands of calls. However, there are no fees for using Viber Messenger. Incoming and outgoing calls are both unlimited. Only an internet connection is required for your phone. So you can already get in touch with them for free. This is just another benefit of the application. Increase user touch with the people you care about.

Free to use while maintaining access to all of Viber Messenger’s features. Is not that something extraordinary? You may make phone calls and send messages using Viber Messenger. Make contact with a large number of people and save some money.

Free Video Calls

Call someone through Viber if you need to reach them urgently, but your phone is out of credit. With the help of this app, you may make faster and more unrestricted video calls to your loved ones.

Because there is no call duration restriction, you can tell them stories in the most comfortable manner over a simple chat. You should also be informed that these group calls may include up to 20 participants. This information should be understood before you attend a team meeting.

Have a lot of fun hearing exciting stories and news from Everyone

Everyone who participates in a discussion or group meeting is happy and eager to share their experiences and tell many fascinating anecdotes about what they have gone through. These true stories can teach you a lot about life experiences.

Additionally, you can use this application to join important meetings with numerous coworkers. Additionally, you will receive many fun quizzes that will help you unwind and create lasting memories. Additionally, emoticons and smiley stickers allow people to express their emotions freely.

Send Messages to Anyone For Free

You have the option to send free messages through this application in addition to the SMS messaging software on your phone. Enter the message you want to send to the recipient.

Additionally, you can submit extra pictures or stickers to make the dialogue more vibrant and exciting and prevent it from becoming monotonous. This is regarded as a cutting-edge alternative with ideal quality that is trusted and utilized by all users everywhere.

Communication has never been more straightforward. Share a photo, sticker, GIF, movie, or any other asset for free, or send a text message. Free calls to friends and family with crystal-clear voice and quick video! Launching Viber makes the chatting feature visible on the home screen.

In the Messages section of Viber Messenger, there is a helpful feature. Viber Mod APK’s messaging feature will assist you with the following tasks: Individual texting, group messaging with up to 250 participants, image messaging, recording, transmitting whole video clips, and sharing links are all available. The message can be configured to disappear automatically.

Chat with many people at a time in a group chat or call

Do not use Viber Messenger to communicate with only one person. You can have simultaneous conversations with hundreds of individuals. Unlimited times for messages are used. Create chat rooms where you can confide. Make the discussions more engaging. There are numerous viewpoints and a variety of stories. Make the discussion more enjoyable.

Include your loved ones in the group. Talk to each other about your views and feelings. Additionally, setting up this group will facilitate more accessible exchanges. Simultaneous contributions from everyone. There will be quick fixes. You may establish chat groups in Viber Messenger. Bring a lot of captivating tales.

Open a group chat with up to 250 participants to catch up with friends, family, and coworkers. Up to 5 people can schedule meetings and conduct business conversations in a group chat, or more people can join an ongoing audio session.

You can use Viber Messenger as a U2U (user-to-user) app. Due to its simplicity, popularity, and dependability, Viber Messenger is increasingly preferred by many businesses and groups over Skype or Slack.

User Privacy

All of your private information is safeguarded and preserved by the encryption used by this program. All essential communications and information are securely maintained and safeguarded. Your chats are private and inaccessible to others. No one can read your communications or use your phone’s encryption key to pretend to be you and commit crimes.

Self-Destruction of Your Secret Conversations and More

Start a Secret Chat so you may set a self-destruct timer for each message in your chat so that when the recipient reads it, the message is automatically wiped from their phone.

Viber is designed for international calling and accessible talk, and texting! Words could be more powerful. Call landlines, non-Viber users, or anyone who does not have an internet connection or a mobile phone using Viber Out’s affordable service. Express your emotions with more than a diversity of GIFs and more than 35,000 stickers in the Viber sticker market.

More than Thousands of Gifs and More Than 55000 Beautiful Sticks

Users get access to more than 55000 vibrant stickers that represent the unique traits of each character during each chat exchange. It embodies all feelings, including happiness, sadness, anger, love, etc., in the most exhilarating way.

Additionally, there are a tonne more animated gifs that exhibit incredible realism. To keep the conversation lively and less dull, utilize these aspects in your communications.

International calling

Viber Mod APK Pro Messenger users can also make international calls with distant relatives or friends. Additionally, it is tough to get together in person, and calls are costly. But now, you won’t be concerned about this issue. You can contact Viber Messenger at the lowest cost for assistance.

Reach out to the desired individual, even via video chat, so that you can have more private talks and express your thoughts and feelings. Not because relationships can become distant due to geographic distance. Viber Messenger allows you to communicate with those in your vicinity.

The communication app Viber Messenger has many new features. Allow users to create conversations and calls quickly. Spend less on calls. Make contact with everyone as soon as you can. Get the Viber Messenger mod to send and receive unlimited texts and calls.

Download Viber MOD APK [Premium Unlocked] (Optimized/Lite + Mod Extra + Plus Pro) Latest Version

Follow the steps to download Viber Mod APK (Lite/Optimized + Premium Unlocked).

  • Go to the website and search for “Viber MOD APK”.
  • Click on the download button to download the MOD APK file.
  • After the download, open the file and install it on your device.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the game and enjoy unlimited money.


Telecommunications services advance alongside technological advancements. Viber Messenger is one of the tools that demonstrates this. The program that offers the most features deserves to be used by many people.

People are closer together due to Viber Messenger, notwithstanding the distance between them. You and your loved ones will become closer, thanks to Viber Messenger. Additionally, Viber Messenger has drawn a sizable user base worldwide.

Exchange information, tell more stories, and get to know one another better. Viber Messenger is more than simply a standard messaging program. It is also one of the techniques to keep interpersonal ties strong.

There are times when communication is not just between two persons but also among friends. You can use the app to establish a group text message with various friends to achieve this. That will enable you to enjoy yourself with your pals.

As a result, this game offers you a tonne of great features. So download this excellent app immediately and spend the day with your buddies.


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