Truecaller Mod APK (Gold, Premium Unlocked, Ads Free)

truecaller - caller id and block premium mod apk
truecaller - caller id and block premium mod apk

Truecaller Mod APK has been a game-changer for mobile consumers in the modern world when spam calls, and messages are on the rise. A robust Caller ID, Dialer, and Spam Detector are all included in the full Android software Truecaller.

With the help of this software, you can recognize unknown phone numbers and protect yourself from robocalls and scammers. The various Truecaller Premium APK features that have helped it become one of the most downloaded Android apps globally will be discussed in this article.


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About Truecaller App

The best security app for your phone is Truecaller, which you absolutely must have! By blocking numbers, you can protect yourself against spam and fraud calls and stop spam calls. With the free premium features listed above that are included with Truecaller Gold, you can take your Truecaller experience to the very cutting edge.

It can be challenging to stay safe when using Android smartphones because we do not know how much global traffic is using this device or who might spam us at what moment.

At the time, it was challenging to be aware of these facts, but today, Truecaller Premium, a top-notch technology created to improve call privacy, is inscribed on our palms.

Since millions of Android users today use Truecaller, it is hard for anyone to claim they have never heard of it while living in India, the most beautiful country in the world.

And when it comes to India specifically, more than 75% of Truecaller users are located there; the only difference is that this software was not created there; otherwise, it is 100 percent Indian.

Having Truecaller on your device lets you see every caller’s complete profile before answering spam calls.

However, some features, including the ability to see who has viewed your profile, the elegant premium badge, spam blocking, ghost calls, and many more, are still inaccessible to users of the Truecaller free plan.

It is time to be impressed by Truecaller MOD APK if you utilize the Free plan and wish to benefit from the premium features without paying for them.


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What is Trucaller?

Looking back at how people worldwide used the excellent service Truecaller to interact with their friends and families, we may observe some striking trends.

Surprisingly, in 2021, Truecaller banned and detected approximately 37.8 billion spam calls, 182 billion spam messages, and 184.5 billion calls from users. Millions of businesses have also started utilizing Truecaller’s caller ID services to enhance their brand perception.

Even if we exclude calling statistics, only Truecaller has the same calling and caller identification functions, and it consistently receives ratings of 4+ stars from millions of callers.

Additionally, it is one of the simple caller applications popular nowadays for maximizing calling, messaging, and instant messaging duties.

In addition to primary calling and caller id services, Truecaller Mod APK provides hundreds of remarkable features, such as auto call recording, ghost calling, caller address city, and email address.

Before phoning someone, you can also find out if they are available to take calls, on another call, or have turned off their phone. With Truecaller, your calling would be more convenient and entertaining. Try the below miraculous version right away!


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What is Truecaller Premium?

In addition to all the benefits and impressive statistics described above, we neglected to mention a few restrictions on the Truecaller free plan.

The software offers three distinct subscription options: a free plan with no fees, a premium plan with some fees, and the most expensive one, the gold plan.

But, you need premium in the first place if you are a privilege seeker and want to enjoy everything without commercials.

We created the upgraded Truecaller app by adding specific futuristic scripts and calling it Truecaller Premium APK while keeping all that in mind and thinking globally.

Be aware of the program’s name; the app’s Premium edition offers all the Gold Plan features at no additional cost to web techies.


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Is Truecaller Premium Worth it?

You can decide whether Truecaller Premium is worthwhile depending on your needs and tastes. Truecaller Premium can be worthwhile if you frequently receive spam calls and messages or wish to keep your profile secret from other users.

Users who use the app frequently may also benefit from the ad-free experience and call recording feature. However, if you only infrequently use Truecaller, the free version can be plenty for your need.


Features of TrueCaller Premium Mod APK (Gold, Fully Unlocked, Ads Free)

To use all the benefits described below with the gold card and the most expensive privileges you have ever considered, download this app immediately and install it conveniently on your phone.

All the features you will get to use with the Truecaller Premium MOD APK are listed here, so let’s get on Mercedes without even paying for an Alto.


Advanced Caller ID

One of the program’s most powerful features is the sophisticated Caller ID feature offered by Truecaller. With the help of this feature, you may recognize unknown callers and choose whether or not to answer the call. The software also provides caller information so you can choose whether to answer the call.

This is especially useful if you frequently get calls from telemarketers, scammers, and unidentified numbers. You may block undesirable numbers in real-time thanks to the millions of users who update the Caller ID regularly.

Cloud Backup

We must always value data, regardless of the circumstance or the platform. Every bit of our data matters, whether it be WhatsApp messages or our most recent call history with friends or clients.

The free Truecaller Cloud Backup service is thus made available to you by Truecaller Gold. All of your crucial calling information, including call logs, messages, and interfaces, would be stored in this cloud backup.

Reverse Number Lookup

With the Dialer feature of the app, you may check phone numbers to discover the names of people using a robust reverse number lookup feature. This makes it easier for you to call the correct individual and helps you avoid having to guess before you do.

In addition, you can make free calls to your Truecaller pals using the VOIP calling feature. Using this feature, you can communicate with your loved ones without paying expensive phone fees.

Call Recording

You may also record incoming and outgoing calls with Truecaller Premium App. Users who want to remember crucial discussions or utilize them for work can benefit.

Outstanding Spam Detector and Blocker

Another notable aspect of the program is its sophisticated spam detector and blocker. The program automatically filters and safeguards you from telemarketers, robocalls, scammers, fraudsters, and other unwanted callers and SMS.

Millions of consumers worldwide also update the phone numbers on their spam list in real time. Thanks to this, you will always be protected against the most recent spam and scam calls.

Contact Requests

Sending contact requests to other users is another premium feature of Truecaller Mod APK. You can use this to contact folks you might need to remember or who you want to add to your network.

Truecaller Assistant

An intelligent call screening and voice-based virtual assistant, the app’s AI-powered assistant saves you time and raises the bar for spam identification. The assistant asks the caller questions using machine learning and speech-to-text technologies to help you learn more about who they are and why they are calling.

The assistant can help you decide whether to accept or decline a call by determining with more than 90% accuracy if it is spam, a scam, or a robocall.

Who Viewed My Profile?

Seeing who has viewed your profile on Truecaller Premium APK Mod is another expensive option. Users who wish to know who is trying to contact them or is interested in their profile may find this helpful.


You can use Truecaller as your primary text messaging app. You may send and receive messages, schedule messages for the future, and do much more with this function. Additionally, the software can automatically recognize and ban any telemarketing, spam, or unknown SMS. Personal, Important, Other, and Spam tabs are immediately created for the messages.

Incognito Mode

Additionally, Truecaller Premium Mod APK has an incognito mode that enables you to keep your profile anonymous to other users. Users who do not wish to receive unwanted calls or texts will particularly benefit from this.

Gold Membership Unlocked

The modified version of Truecaller first offers you Gold Membership, the most expensive plan created by the Truecaller community. On the official app, this gold feature will set you back at 5000 INR per year.

Thankfully, Truecaller Gold gives you access to all of them without charge. This modified version has all the premium features enabled, free Gold Caller ID, and Gold support.

Truecaller Premium

A premium edition of Truecaller is available, giving users access to more functions. A ghost call feature, advanced blocking and filtering options, no adverts, and the opportunity to see who saw your profile are all included in the premium edition. Additionally, you may enter any name, number, and image to make it seem that person is calling you.

You can see profiles secretly using the app’s Incognito mode, which is also available. You can separate from the other millions of people worldwide with the Premium badge on your profile. Thirty contact requests each month are also included in the premium edition.

Ad-free Access

You won’t believe it, but despite how helpful the program is, most Truecaller customers have stopped using it due to the overwhelming amount of web adverts displayed by the official applications.

We are here to persuade you to re-use Truecaller in the service of Truecaller Premium APK. A tremendous change here is the interface, which is completely free of advertisements and will astound you with premium features without pausing.

Download TrueCaller Premium APK (VIP/Mod/Hack + Gold, Fully Unlocked, Ads Free) Latest Version

To download Truecaller premium apk mod from

The “Unknown Sources” option must be enabled.

1. To download the Truecaller MOD APK, click the Download icon at the top of the page.

2. Conserve the file in the downloads folder on your device.

3. Click the Truecaller file you downloaded to install it, then wait for the process to finish.

4. As soon as it is finished, you can launch the program and use it right away.


A robust Android software called Truecaller offers a thorough Caller ID, Dialer, and Spam Detector. With the help of this software, you can recognize unknown phone numbers and protect yourself from robocalls and scammers. The app’s features include a top-notch spam detector and blocker, sophisticated Caller ID, reverse number lookup, and more.

Our philosophy is that convenience and privacy are the most coveted things in the world, and people will sacrifice virtually anything to have them in their life. You should include Truecaller Premium 2023 on your list of essential Android apps because it gives you free premium features and a regal Gold Caller ID.

You need to use this premium hacked version immediately to make calls with enormous ease and technological reach. Do not wait a second longer; download it immediately using the link below.


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