SimpleMind Pro APK (Patched/Cracked)

simplemind pro - mind mapping Mod APK
simplemind pro - mind mapping Mod APK

Do you want to organize and explore ideas by visualizing them using a cognitive mind-mapping tool? If so, SimpleMind PRO APK is your best option.

Enjoy immediately using this most helpful tool for creativity, imagination, and problem-solving.

simplemind pro APK Mod Mind Mapping

About SimpleMind Pro – Mind Mapping

To create their goals thoroughly and work their way up from the most straightforward goal, many people always employ a variety of successful approaches. As a result, they will illustrate their plans in great detail using various diagrams. Additionally, those maps can be applied in the workplace, making evaluating ideas and the minor details that transmit content simpler.

SimpleMind Pro, the software discussed in this post, is what you need if you require an app to help you organize your ideas or plans. Additionally, it has a lot of alluring advantages, and people have given it high marks for its functionalities.


More About SimpleMind Pro App

One of the most elite and professional mind-mapping apps for cell phones is SimpleMind Pro APK. The software has many incredible features, like a user-friendly interface, a freeform style, seamless synchronization, and many more.

It can be used in a variety of ways, such as a tool for organizing thoughts, a way to explore and come up with new ideas, and a way to share information with others.

There are plenty of different mind-mapping tools online or in the app store. But the simple interface and advantageous features of SimpleMind Pro set it apart.

Create a detailed diagram to organize your ideas; the program will handle the rest. Choose the best method from the many possible ways to make a mind map. One of its most vital features is the ability to modify and alter a mind map as you gain additional knowledge.

organize your thoughts with simplemind pro cracked version

Features of SimpleMind Pro APK (VIP/Hack + Patched + Cracked + Premium Mod)

SimpleMind pro apk fully patched and cracked

Export slides or plans in any form you want

Your SimpleMind Pro slides can now be downloaded as a ZIP file. This function is helpful if you need to share your presentation with someone who does not have a SimpleMind account or wants to back up your work. To do this, open the presentation in the app, pick Share from the menu that pops up in the top-right corner, and then select Export.

To view your SimpleMind slides offline, open the file after it has finished processing and extract the contents. Click the Export button after choosing ZIP from that section’s File Format drop-down menu. The ZIP file will begin downloading immediately through your app.

Freeform layout

If you have ever used a mind mapping program, you are aware that their hierarchical structures are typically very rigid. What happens if you want to organize concepts that do not cleanly fit into that kind of framework? This is where SimpleMind Pro’s Free Form Layout excels.

As a result, you can arrange items wherever you like on the page without worrying about how they relate to the main subject. This makes it perfect for delving into intricate relationships or developing innovative solutions.

Choose Free Form Layout from the drop-down menu in the workspace’s upper left corner to use it. Then, drag & drop topics to any location on the page. Adding child subjects allows you to construct many tiers and connect topics using arrows. Return to the default layout once you are done to see how your ideas mesh.

Many options for designing your chart

Because each user’s unique design preferences may influence the work’s overall design or other aspects, SimpleMind Pro APK will offer them flexible interaction in a unique design table. The user can first alter the shape of the bubbles and the concepts inside.

The layout comes next; users can design it whatever they want to collapse or extend. Additionally, it will provide users with a wide range of options for creating planners in various designs and provide users access to a big personalized view to explore and use.

Organize your thoughts and create a chart

SimpleMind becomes more practical and convenient for individuals with extensive plans who need tools. The first feature it wishes to show the user is how to design and build various charts. The user will begin with the essential things and eventually split them into several sub-branches, increasing the app’s usefulness.

Regardless of how they will have good designs if the user has varied aims, they can start with tiny steps, construct many concepts, organize them, and eventually achieve outcomes. The creation of planner charts is now more accessible and valuable thanks to this program.

Auto Layout

The auto-layout feature of SimpleMind Pro, which automatically arranges your mind map based on how you link the nodes, is one of its best features. Because of this, detailed mind maps may be easily created without having to think about where each node should be placed.

Nodes can be manually rearranged by tapping, holding, and dragging them to the new position.

Draw and customize your plan

The user can use the drawing feature to directly add icons or create little effects if they are an artist and want the chart to stand out more. The application’s versatility and user-centered focus allow users to construct and personalize the chart per their preferences.

Users can find several ways to amuse themselves and enhance the beauty of their creations thanks to the app’s enormous and unending ability to evolve the custom design element. To help users eliminate everything and maintain the planner’s attractiveness, it automatically corrects any lines or other effects on the design panel’s primary concepts.


One noteworthy aspect of SimpleMind Pro APK is seamless synchronization. You can access your mind maps from any location and on any device. You may access your maps from any device with an internet connection because they are saved in cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and others.

Additionally, any modifications you make to a map on one device will automatically appear on your other devices. In other words, you can begin revising a map on your phone while at work and continue on your laptop or smartphone when you get home, and vice versa.

Additionally, you can easily enable the offline mode if you ever need to view or update a map while not connected to the internet, and all your changes will be synced the following time you do. In other words, synchronization should be flawless for the best mind-mapping experience.

Easily add media and documents

If people believe they can express any idea with text, SimpleMind includes several capabilities that let users include images and documents in bubbles. Additionally, the media was added to the possibilities for bubble size and can be utilized as a concrete background plan for the entire table.

The documents will be shown in the meantime, but something will be visible once the user touches directly on one of them. Each layout and feature will automatically fold to help with space saving and provide a unique touch of elegance to the overall design.

Simple interface with intuitive interaction

Starting with the interface—of which SimpleMind is most proud—we will discuss how to use it comfortably. Its primary function is to aid in the user’s ability to organize their ideas and plans orderly or within preexisting frameworks. Its interface is, therefore, adaptable and interactive.

Users can directly build various thought patterns while modifying colors, typefaces, and many other elements to suit their preferences.

Additionally, based on the project’s needs and the model’s size, the user can utilize it in vertical or horizontal modes. The user-friendly application interface makes everything simple, despite the numerous challenges when designing a planned system.

Download SimpleMind PRO Apk (VIP/Hack + Patched + Cracked + Premium Mod) Latest Version

To download SimpleMind Pro mod from

The “Unknown Sources” option must be enabled.

1. To download the SimpleMind Pro MOD APK, click the Download option at the top of the page.

2. Conserve the file in the downloads folder on your device.

3. After downloading SimpleMind Pro, click on the file to install it. Then wait for the process to be finished.

4. As soon as it is finished, you can launch the program and use it right away.


SimpleMind Pro Mod APK is a fantastic tool for organizing and organizing your thoughts. It is applied to various industries, including business, advertising, and education.

Charts, lists, and trees are just a few of the different styles in which mind maps can be created. Mind maps can also be used to research information or generate ideas.

Users can add text, photos, and links to illustrate the connections between the nodes and drag and drop nodes to form hierarchies. This is the only method for producing detailed diagrams or more intricate arrangements.


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