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Have you ever been out and about and heard great music but had no idea which song it belonged to, so you could not find it to listen to it again? Or, in some instances, a person can sing virtually the entirety of a song without recalling the song’s name.

Today, I want to share with everyone a helpful program that is well worth your time. A program called Shazam Mod APK – Discover songs & lyrics in seconds specializes in quickly and accurately identifying songs from brief audio clips. Nowadays, this software is the most widely used in many nations for rapid music detection and discovery.


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About Shazam Premium Mod APK

These days, we cannot survive without music because it plays such an essential part in our lives. Music tracks are a bit of entertainment, measuring up to 12 megabytes. You won’t believe it, but there are currently over 97 million songs, which is increasing at an alarming rate.

The days you were expected to ask the guys the playing music track are long gone!

We are aware that these tracks are easily downloadable through any song streaming service today. But what if you were looking for a song you loved in a mall or at your barbershop and were having trouble finding it?

Now that we have the technology, we need Android apps to accomplish our goals. And Shazam is what you need for this stuff! The Android and iOS smartphone app Shazam recognizes the song as you are moving along and tells you its name using only your activated microphone. It is perfect because the technology utilized here is unavailable throughout the entire app store on a PC or smartphone.

We also sent you Shazam Premium MOD APK, a customized app version! You can understand your song titles in this version without being interrupted by ads or Google’s security features!


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Features of Shazam Mod APK (Premium + All Unlocked)


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Song Reorganization through metal

The song’s melody seems quite familiar to us in a coffee shop or listening to friends sing, but we need help remembering the song’s specific name. One of the most well-known song identification apps available today, Shazam, can help you find practically all the items you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Let this app take the role of Google whenever you see good music and wish to look up its name. Not only will each song’s title appear in the results, but also all relevant information, such as the song’s artist, genre, lyrics, and more. Users need to open the device’s microphone, which takes a little time. Three brief seconds later, many songs start to play.

Identify Images through poster

Shazam is the first app to offer this ingenious functionality, which is uncommon among apps that can identify photos through posters to determine the song’s title. Users of this application utilize it much more quickly and conveniently, thanks to the manipulation of many contemporary procedures. Not only that, but by moving the camera closer to the lyrics to look for the song’s name, you can also discover the song’s name through the lyrics in some places.

Additionally, the program functions as a QR code reader and picture recognition tool. The application can also be used as a game during enjoyable get-togethers with friends, which encourages more fruitful conversation. Using celebrity magic bestows us with a priceless gift.

Enjoy the premium version’s top-notch features at no cost

Although we have covered every function available in the official Shazam app, no Android version is available that does not require online purchases. Shazam is, moreover, giving you a service that no other developer has yet to offer.

Therefore, you cannot eliminate a few issues that make smartphone use intolerable for most users, such as enabled Analytics, a few advertisements, and a single language interface. However, Shazam MOD APK can assist you in getting rid of each one.

The updated version, which Shazam refers to as its “premium edition,” gives you an ad-free user interface and convenient functionality without costing you any money. You may get Shazam Hack MOD APK free from the link below and use its most outstanding features!

Buy tickets, go to the concerts, meet the singers

You now have a fantastic opportunity to own it, thanks to Shazam. Users can purchase tickets for infamous concerts featuring famous musicians, which makes the app so popular. Additionally, you can buy tickets for a lower cost than what is offered on other websites.

Instead, we frequently pass up the chance to interact with musical stars. You can accomplish your goal of finding your favorite performer by using this application. Allow the app to look up popular performances by your favorite singers.

Discover the top songs on the international and local charts

Do you wish to listen to your all-time favorite music from other countries? Yes, the music that all people strive for! If so, the Global and City Charts on the Shazam app can be helpful. If you live anywhere, you can listen to the most popular tunes on Shazam from your location by choosing your nation, city, or international radio station.

You can alter the unique charts like New York City Chart, Los Angeles Chart, Moscow Chart, Paris Chart, Rome Chart, London Chart, and Berlin Chart for other remarkable tunes that you have never heard in addition to your own country and the international radio. So start listening to new music daily and change to SHAZAM!

Use the app anywhere, anytime

It is beautiful that we may use the software whenever, whenever, and however, we like. Shazam Mod APK is capable of handling almost any request from users. Additionally, consumers should use Pop-up to find songs in applications like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc. Finding a crucial song on your phone without an internet connection is not a big deal because the program may be used even while you are offline.

Additionally, users can activate the Auto Shazam function to keep discovering songs even after closing the application. Your favorite songs are also organized into a list that you can add to the Apple Music playlist.

Play thousands of songs based on your search preferences

Shazam is the only app in the world that can identify music tracks! This is the only Android or iOS app that can compete with Shazam’s level of service. It is a robust smartphone solution that tells you about your favorite songs.

A recommended list is compiled by Shazam for all listeners worldwide, yet another special privilege. Because of this function, Shazam is more practical than online music streaming services. You may listen to the top suggestions depending on your microphone search or musical preferences! Download Shazam as soon as possible, do not put it off!

The modified version includes both of the most often-used languages

Since Shazam APK is a modified version of the company’s official software, it provides all the functionality that the original version does not. Languages are the first and most coveted quality. The Shazam MOD APK offers you two other languages, English and Russian, although the standard version only lets you use the English app UI.

Add your favorite songs to your list with a single click

Are you curious about the name of the song you heard in the mall and want to know it without asking the control room? If the answer is yes, you have come to the proper place because we deliver the Shazam app here. For those unfamiliar with Shazam, it is an Android software that allows you to identify the name of your favorite song simply by hearing it through your phone’s microphone.

Yes, you heard correctly! You only need this simple software to click the Shazam button and accurately find the song name, so you won’t need any significant setup to perform this. Not bad, huh? Shazam contains more unique features, so go below and read it right away!

Share favorite songs on social networks or with friends

The application enables you to utilize the sharing feature with friends on well-known social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. You want to spread the best songs and hottest trends to your friends so they may enjoy them. Users can freely share whatever they wish with their pals because the application never restricts any parts.

Popular songs updates

You will be shocked to learn that the application has access to an infinite music library. Because of this, many songs are played for you each time a singer’s performance enables you to appreciate the music. The application always gives users the song title, lyrics, and vocalist from local to foreign tunes.

If you have a Spotify account, you can now link it to the service provided by the app to upload your favorite music to Spotify quickly. Additionally, you can search for popular songs in your neighborhood and browse the data of the application’s real-time charts using the app.

Play every song you have found using the third-party internet music players

The Shazam app allows you to “Play With,” which is a plus! First, Shazam is not an online music streaming service; therefore, it provides you with the first line of the song you have just discovered. After then, you must return to your preferred music streaming service, such as Spotify, Gaana, or YouTube Music, and listen to the song there if you want to hear it in its entirety.

Click the “Play With” icon to get a list of all the installed music & audio apps, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music. Click it to be sent to your preferred app and listen to it there. You do not need to return to your preferred online music streaming service after enjoying this opportunity to look for the song you grabbed there.

Deeply optimized the speed and graphics

The app’s speed has been optimized by Shazam MOD APK, another addition that all Shazam fans wish to have. Since you can download Shazam Premium MOD APK from our page and use the interface on any Android smartphone, even one with a poor configuration, you won’t ever grow tired of the Shazam service again!

Additionally, you will put up with the Shazam Unlocked MOD APK’s improved graphics to take advantage of the more user-friendly UI! After using the updated version, Shazam APK Mod, the app service won’t ever lag!

No Ads

The most unpleasant pauses in any online music or video streaming service are advertisements. Similar to this, the official Shazam app includes internet adverts. Most of the time, it interrupts users trying to find their favorite song with video ads.

Prepare to create the setting for uninterrupted music-seeking! Download Shazam MOD APK now, and do not be concerned! With this patched version, you will receive an app UI devoid of advertisements.

Download Shazam Mod APK (Premium Features + All Unlocked) Latest Version

To download Shazam mod from

The “Unknown Sources” option must be enabled.

1. To download the Shazam MOD APK, click the Download button at the top of the page.

2. Conserve the file in the downloads folder on your device.

3. Click the Shazam file you just downloaded to install it, then wait for the process to be finished.

4. As soon as it is finished, you can launch the program and use it immediately.


Do you want to listen to all the songs you heard but could not find the lyrics or titles? If so, you can get Shazam MOD APK, a modified version of the most outstanding Android software, from the link below! The updated version has more special privileges like an ad-free interface and disabled analytics, and it is more futuristic than the original. Stop using the official version right away, and get Shazam MOD APK!

Shazam is an excellent and enjoyable music app, to sum it up. Download the app if you want to fast find any song. Additionally, the app contains many helpful features like pop-ups, song information, a dark layout, online movies, and connections to popular social networks. To add new songs to your smartphone, download “Shazam”!


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