Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery (Mod, Unlimited Money)

Seekers notes hidden mystery mod apk
Seekers notes hidden mystery mod apk

Match-three puzzles and object-finding are combined in the game Seekers Notes Mod APK. You will discover the history of the strangely cursed city of Darkwood. You will simultaneously access locations with intricate designs to find out what you need.

Additionally, it is simple to locate challenging match-three stages that you attempt to finish in a short amount of time.

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In Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery, the player is presented with a story full of mysteries, and they hold the key to resolving them.

The difficulties this game presents will take a lot of your time to overcome, and the settings you choose will affect how you play. You will therefore have a strong desire to solve and unravel the enigma surrounding Duskwood City.

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Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery Gameplay (Ads Free)

Android users can enjoy the addicting adventure gameplay in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery, which will transport them to the enigmatic town of Darkwood City. As the Ghostly Mist continued to envelop the inhabitants and the city’s life, a peculiar curse was placed over the city and its surviving souls.

You have been given the substantial gift of being the Seeker, which enables you to discover hidden items that others cannot; therefore, you must undertake your game’s ultimate tasks to lift the curse and learn more about its causes.

Your main goal would be to find hidden object puzzles and attempt to solve the missions by finding the necessary objects and artifacts. In addition, keep an eye on the game to avoid falling prey to the curse.

Unique things that can change into anything will be present in the game’s dynamic environments. As a result, your hidden object challenges will undoubtedly become more thrilling than ever.

Seekers notes hidden mystery mod apk

Enjoy playing the addictive games of detective, crime-fighting, epic action, finding hidden objects, and more. Thanks to the fascinating stories in the fantastic in-game worlds filled with magic, monsters, undiscovered information, and other dangers, you will be wholly immersed in your adventures.

Feel free to explore the game’s numerous intriguing places, many of which are kept secret from players and need puzzle-solving and analytical skills to open. With each in-game excursion, you will uncover mysteries, fend off monsters, remove curses, and reach the decisive moment.

Seekers notes hidden mystery mod apk unlimited money

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Features of Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Ads Free)

Unlock a new location and related events

Players can find Chalet’s new location and the people connected to it in Seekers Notes. Of course, the emergence of a brand-new location brings new difficulties and activities you must undertake. Events that award you with incredible benefits and the finding of odd found objects. Therefore, your quest to save Darkwood will go on.

Darkwood’s journey to rescue the original word

The city of Darkwood serves as the location for Seekers Notes Mod APK, and the appearance of Ghostly Mist is a mystery. That rendered the city cursed, and over time, its inhabitants also felt its adverse effects.

At the same time, the plot will center on a character who enters a strange chamber and is startled by ghosts as he approaches the window. But then something else intriguing started to respond.

The protagonist turns to a nearby corner and notices a spot producing light; as he slowly approaches, he discovers a map. Then, as he fled the room, he saw a weird, suit-clad man who was incredibly lovely.

The guy calls the main character Seeker, who claims that because the map picked him, he must free Darkwood from its current curse. The protagonist’s trip begins when the man vanishes after speaking, followed by the apparition of a bird.

Journeys of finding objects and puzzles

Players in Seekers Notes will primarily engage in two activities: object discovery and match-three level completion. In addition, you must meet many requirements wherever you travel to find objects, as indicated by the map.

As the level starts, you will see a list of objects you must find and zoom in on from every angle in the room. The difficulty of this experience will increase as you visit more and more places.

The second experience is enjoyable because you will discover various gems and be compelled to get paid. However, it is essential to note that this game’s match-three method requires you to finish each level within a set amount of time rather than a predetermined number of moves.

Consequently, you will use what you have as boosters by matching more than three items to finish the level as rapidly as possible.

Exciting quests and challenges

Android players in Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery will have the opportunity to enjoy the game through more than 9400 spectacular quests, each of which offers its in-game challenges and adventures. It will make the game more engaging.

Discover over 1120 incredible sets of settings where you can engage in compelling hidden object games. No matter what level you are at in the game, you can always find it relevant because the tasks are logically growing.

Crafting important items

Seekers Notes are helpful in many situations because you will receive various stuff as a prize for completing each level. You will need to gather enough materials and combine them to continue your trip because some tasks will demand you to make an item from scratch.

Many different characters to interact with

For those interested, Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery’s hidden object gameplay is now available with various characters to choose from. Feel free to talk with the locals to learn more about them and their histories.

Discover hidden information about any game area to help you advance through the narrative. Additionally, you can exchange stuff for what you need with the in-game characters.

Epic pieces of actions with dangerous monsters

Android players will encounter a variety of sneaky and sly foes throughout the game, making every move they make vitally important. Every choice you make will impact how you play out when everything eventually comes down to a battle.

You will need to deal with the horrible monsters, but not in the conventional methods, so you’ll need to gain the skills necessary to stop them before they get a hold of you.

Key Features

A journey to the city of Darkwood brings many exciting things for players:

  • The journey to liberate Darkwood from the curse of Ghostly Mist will be started by the main character, selected by the map.
  • Along with this character, you will explore various of the map’s locales in pursuit of the required objects.
  • You must consider each location’s unique, exquisite design to locate necessary items.
  • Match-three levels present challenges you must overcome in a race against time and unlimited moves.
  • You must not miss any newly introduced events or a new location that will undoubtedly pique your interest in exploring.

Download Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery (MOD, Unlimited Money/Adfree)

To get the game’s modified version, follow these instructions. You may contact the Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery Mod APK Unlimited Money by choosing one of the download methods provided below.

Let the file download entirely after hitting the download buttons. Then, go to the APK files you downloaded after that. You may install the controls on your Android devices by clicking on them.


Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery will let Android gamers get the most out of their hidden object adventures with its easy-to-learn but incredibly addictive gameplay, compelling storylines, and intriguing plot twists.

Take advantage of the game’s numerous particular challenges and missions while completing all of the hidden object levels.

Remember always to choose the game’s free, unlocked version from our website if you want to use all its features for nothing.


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