Nyx Music Player Mod APK (Premium) [Pro Unlocked]


One of the top smartphone music player apps right now is Nyx Music Player MOD APK. It offers an extensive song library and a unique theme to personalize the appearance. Choose a song by your favorite performer, and leave it on repeat for several hours. It only takes a few taps to complete.


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About Nyx Music Player Mod APK

You cannot overlook Nyx Music Player because it is fantastic. People may easily search for and listen to their favorite songs. Hot tracks on all subjects are constantly added to this app; it is perfect for listening to music without wasting too much time looking.

This software offers a wide selection of songs and makes users feel at ease. Everything from lighting to sound and music playback can be changed.


Nyx Music Player – Non-ad and free music player

Regarding music & audio apps, several well-known brands come to mind, including Spotify and Apple Music. But, we recommend Nyx Music Player Mod APK, a program by the creator Awedea!, as an equally great application.

Despite being a relatively new moniker, it has all the top qualities of a music player program. Also, it has a few fresh features that might help you customize your experience.


The Google Play store currently offers this software for free download. Furthermore, you may download it from APKAFT by clicking the link at the end of this page. Hence, there is no reason why you cannot utilize it whenever you want for entertainment.

Enjoy your favorite songs without paying any fees or being concerned about advertisements. Is it not fantastic?


Features of Nyx Music Player Mod APK (Premium + All Unlocked)


Diverse music collection

Users may quickly find any music they love on Nyx Music Player with just a few touches. Users can choose “songs,” “albums,” or perform a song search by band, artist, or theme. The songs on the app were chosen from thousands of well-known tunes worldwide.

So, you may rapidly identify songs by well-known musicians like BlackPink, The Black Eyed Peas, and Camila Cabello that are Korean or European American…

Thanks to its extensive music library, this program can open up the world of music to you. Anytime you want to unwind, visit Nyx Music Player to listen to your preferred song without interruptions or problems.

The songs are performed at a regular tempo with excellent audio. Hence, customers continue to hear the familiar melodies from the original song whether they are using headphones or external speakers.

Repeat your favorite music

While choosing to use Nyx Music Player to listen to music, we pledge to give you the most tranquil experience possible, offering you fantastic sounds and a range of themes. The looper feature allows users to select and play their favorite songs continuously.

You can stop there and use the loop option to select the audio clip that grabs your attention and play it. If you do not allow it to stop, it won’t stop here; alternatively, you can plan it to stop at a specific time.

High Customization with Nyx Music Player

Nyx Music Player Mod APK Premium contains standard functionality like a loop, pause, alarm setting, shuffle, etc., like other music player programs. Users can therefore install these elements by their demands. If, for instance, you enjoy listening to a particular song continuously, click on the loop.

Alternatively, you can set the alarm to sound when the desired time—say, 30 or 1—has passed. As an alternative, you can modify the volume up to 150%. Right, conveniently?

Also, users can “like” any music to add it to their library by clicking the icon. When users visit the library, they may find the song more quickly.

The application also includes a “Playlist” folder. By choosing their favorite songs, users can make their own Playlists, and just that playlist will contain the currently playing content. Using Nyx Music Player is a terrific way to customize your listening experience.

Display complete lyrics

This program is appropriate for your musical practice. You will surely locate your favorite sounds on our app with the abundance of fantastic sounds we offer. You listen to or practice when you can view the lyrics to all the songs. Users can specifically search this program for any song with complete lyrics.

Musical Instruments

Nothing is more wonderful than listening to fantastic tunes with excellent sound quality. Be sure you can immediately alter the display on the screen or the sound quality when listening to music when using this program. With the sounds’ assured equalization, you will enjoy fantastic music. Moreover, users have a 150% volume adjustment range.

Customize interface

This relatively recent feature is almost exclusively found in Nyx Music Player Mod APK Pro. Users can choose from various themes to personalize the music player interface to suit their tastes. A few fundamental motifs include Light, Black, Dark, and Color. To improve the user experience, specific new themes are also updated.

The application’s interface is straightforward and contains only the most fundamental data. The song’s artwork, lyrics, and some basic controls like stop, play, shuffle, favorite, etc., are all included on the poster. Users may, therefore, operate it with just one hand. It is also easy to leave by just tapping the “Back” icon at the top of the screen.

Music player card editing

Depending on your choices, Nyx Music Player will make many excellent recommendations for well-known music. You will construct collections containing most of your favorite songs if users can change the music file tags. All the data associated with the song can be saved in a permanent file with a name for later searching convenience.

Smart search filter

Nyx Music Player can filter brilliant search results. It may restrict user search results based on a few keywords besides subject, music title, and artist. Do you remember the chorus’s first line without recalling the song’s title? No worries; our app’s helpful AI technology will help you spend less time looking for your favorite song.

Download Nyx Music Player Premium Mod APK (Pro, Unlocked All)

To download Nyx mod from apkaft.com.

The “Unknown Sources” option must be enabled.

1. To download the Nyx MOD APK, click the Download icon at the top of the page.

2. Save the file in the download folder on your device.

3. Click the Nyx file you just downloaded to install it, then wait for the process to be finished.

4. As soon as it is finished, you can launch the program and use it right away.


Nyx Music Player Pro Mod APK has many valuable functions, so it won’t disappoint you. With only a few brief words, you may conduct a quick song search and spend hours listening to your favorite music. To quickly customize your listening experience, use loops or a timer. Moreover, remember to compile a Playlist with the songs you wish to hear daily. Using it on your phone is convenient.


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