Mr Autofire Mod Apk (Unlimited Energy/God Mode)


Mr Autofire Mod APK (Unlimited Energy/God Mode) provides you with the best shooting experience while taking down terrifying aliens. The player will use their character’s control to explore the alien environment in this action game with an extraordinary adventure combination.

The most thrilling part is that those dreadful aliens will pay close attention to you and devise strategies to attack and obliterate you. It will be an exciting competition between you and the aliens because of your superior shooting skills and excellent self-defense skills.

Let’s continue the battle till we win for ourselves.


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Compared to other genres, platform-style continuous action games usually give players the tensest situations and the most thrilling atmosphere. Many games even use flexible mechanics to enhance and liven up the experience for players.

While many side-scrolling platform games are available, Mr Autofire Mod APK stands out for how it draws players into its world.

It’s a side-scrolling shooting game with vivid, amiable cartoon graphics to appeal to a broader player base. The game also often adds new features and content to enhance gameplay, such as challenges or special events.


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Features of Mr Autofire Mod APK (Unlimited Gems + Free Shopping)

Immersive and intense shooting gameplay

Mr Autofire Mod APK (Unlimited Gems + Free Shopping) introduces a fresh aesthetic to the shooter genre and creates a variety of user-friendly material compared to other games in the same genre.

The side-scrolling platformer is still the game’s central gameplay aspect, but it has been mixed with many other excellent features to make each level challenging for players.

It has a wide diversity and a wealth of material, allowing players to select from many heroes or weapons and tailor the upgrading system to enhance the combat abilities of each character.

The game’s skill system will also be implemented, forcing players to concentrate on action and shooting while developing efficient strategies for each foe.


Mysterious Experience

You have a strong desire for adventure and frequently take on challenging tasks. You are now attempting to conquer the intriguing alien world.

Players will face difficulties and go on new, enigmatic travels during this excursion. More distinctively, this outing will have novel components players won’t anticipate.

The player will encounter numerous extraterrestrial monsters. They are the ones who will strike first if they notice a stranger. You won’t be shocked when they attack, of course.

The unique aspect is that your carry-on bag is loaded with weapons. Each firearm will reveal a different part, enabling you to shoot and eliminate those oddballs.

Powder Of Conquer

The game will also give you more advanced guns than the ones you already have. These are the tools you must carry with you at all times. Mr Autofire Mod APK also gives you a spaceship, so you may flee if you encounter an unforeseen circumstance.

Each level will have a battle, and you must succeed to advance to the next one and keep playing.

Various heroes and upgrades

Players have a wide range of possibilities for developing their playstyle with the game’s entire content, thanks to the diversity of heroes. In addition, the user can explore the distinctive qualities of each hero, including their use of weapons, skills, and interactions with the environment.

Additionally, the game creates all the heroes compatible with different terrain. Still, their abilities and difficulty levels vary, giving players various ways to take on their foes. Players can gain new skills when they achieve the minimum level using the upgrade system built into the game.

The upgrading system’s most fantastic feature is that it allows players to explore various uses and skills for their heroes across multiple branches.

Fight Full Of Hard

Those eccentrics will attack you in waves; occasionally, they will attack ferociously to drag you to the bitter end. However, it would be best if you sometimes discovered other enigmatic strategies to dodge those attacks.

You can always find solutions to such problems in the game. But winning will give you more weapons, a vast treasure, and the authority to rule over that alien territory.

Collect powerful weapons and gadget

Without a solid and trustworthy weapon, a mighty hero is useless against the opponent. For players to create their distinctive fighting style, the game will include a sizable weapon system divided into several genres and multiple compatible upgrade systems.

 The performance of each weapon varies, and the heroes’ abilities can affect it. For example, players can unlock each weapon’s potential when they reach minimal achievement.

The updated gun system includes many features, and the weapon’s appearance can be altered depending on the modification used.

Simple controls and smooth actions

Mr Autofire Mod APK features straightforward controls. You quickly maneuver to establish a safe distance, maintain that space from many adversaries, and plan out more combat moves and dodges.

Your value will increase, and you will harvest additional benefits as you win more battles. You can quickly upgrade your gear and battle abilities from here. The skill boost will significantly increase your odds of triumphing in challenging encounters with the invading aliens.

The control system is often very straightforward. Just swipe your finger across the screen to move the character. You assist the main character in escaping from many alien adversaries. Swipes are used for all of the character’s movement controls.

Players have the smoothest and most versatile control feeling thanks to the game’s flawless design and user-friendly interface. The game will also work with various control schemes, offering players multiple options to personalize their playing style.

Auto-aim and auto-fire are two capabilities the game will offer players most versatile throughout gaming. These factors simplify the action, but players can alter and customize the control scheme to play the game in their unique way.

Intriguing level designs for extreme excitement

With all of its difficulties and basic gameplay, the game’s main objective is to provide players with the most energizing emotion and attitude. As a result, the levels have been built freshly and imaginatively. When paired with the powers of the essential character, they get more complex and complicated as the difficulty increases.

Each level is built with various difficulty levels in mind, which results in a wide range of compatible challenges and gives players a wide variety of ways to enjoy the game.

In addition to the official levels, the game will feature a supportive player base that will continuously create the most stunning custom levels gamers could ever conceive and release them on the market.

Download Mr Autofire MOD APK (Unlimited Money/One Hit) Latest Version

  • The Mr Autofire Mod APK (Unlimited Money/One Hit) file should be downloaded first. Confused? The website’s download button or the link will allow you to download the Mr Autofire Mod Hack APK file.
  • As soon as the download is complete, go to the settings on your smartphone.
  • Install software from untrusted sources by going to your security settings section.
  • Return to the file you downloaded and permit installation from unknown sources.
  • It can be waiting for installation in the downloads folder in your files or the notification bar on your device. Then, install the game after clicking it, then enjoy yourself!


Mr Autofire Mod APK is a fantastic action game with easy controls. As a strong warrior, you move swiftly while taking out a horde of nasty aliens. Become a true hero prepared to exterminate all alien invaders and protect the planet from foreign contamination.

The action is engaging and memorable, and the game features a fantastic arsenal of weapons and foes. When engaging the opponent, you never lose excitement and are constantly prepared for the next challenge. Cute 2D graphics, as well as an engaging soundtrack, allow you have an even better action experience.


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