Life Is Strange Mod APK (Unlocked All)

life is strange mod apk
life is strange mod apk

One of the puzzle games you should attempt is Life is Strange MOD APK (Unlocked All). Square Enix’s games are pleasing and have a lot of depth in terms of graphics and plot.

Life is Strange has finally arrived on the mobile platform after a lengthy run of popularity on consoles and PCs, and it is better than ever since you can now quickly immerse yourself in the world of games from anywhere.


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It is no coincidence that Life is Strange has received numerous accolades. The Life is Strange narrative has received a lot of praise since the first portion of the five-part game was released in January 2015 for consoles (and later the Mac).

It is the narrative of Max Caulfield (a female photojournalist) and her buddy Chloe trying to figure out what happened to a girl who went missing from the high school where Max is enrolled. They do this, of course, with the capacity to travel back in time to the time of Max.

The game’s unusual idea of having two heroines rather than one has been praised by critics. The Garden State theme song blends wonderfully with the game, with just the appropriate amount of sorrow, and the characters draw the attention of game players thanks to their well-built personalities.

And while this may make the game sound bleak (it is not), the tale of Life is Strange Mod APK deftly addresses various social themes, including school bullying, addiction, suicide, and unemployment.

a thrilling adventure story

The iOS / Android version follows the same story as the Mac version. Max Caufield was in a photography class at Blackwell Academy in Arcadia Bay, Oregon when the game began. Touch the screen to take Max towards the bathroom after failing to answer the teacher’s question, touch to see the poster or interact with other characters and items along the route, and pull left and right to look around.

Max observed a girl shot to death while using the restroom. This horrific event transports Max back in time, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the game’s unique mechanics.

go beyond the story with photo mode


You can go back in time and try again if you do not like how the tale is going. From there, the journey to modify Max’s history began.

However, as we all know from watching time travel movies, changing the past also impacts the future. Each of your choices in Life is Strange is a matter of life and death for the characters.

Features of Life is Strange Mod APK (Highly Compressed)


Life is Strange: Mobile tries to preserve the same UI as the PC/Console version as much as possible. The game’s graphical background is well-designed and comparable to the original PC edition. A few elements are also tweaked to improve the game and give gamers the best possible experience.

A beautiful storyline that was brilliantly written

With Life is Strange Mod APK, you can be confident that you will have access to one of the most engaging tales in mobile gaming right from the start. In this game, players will explore a seemingly ordinary village, but numerous secrets are concealed from view beneath the surface.

And, given the strange and spooky happenings occurring throughout the town and our main character’s newly discovered power, many exciting things can and will happen to the residents.

Your choices and personal experiences with the game will significantly influence whether they are excellent or terrible.

The incredible in-game stories created by the best scriptwriter from SQUARE ENIX will undoubtedly provide you with beautiful and intriguing in-game moments. Feel free to explore Life is Strange and have fun finding outstanding story-driven gameplay.

Intuitive touch controls guide you through the stories

Life is Strange Mod APK also provides players with handy and accessible touch control options throughout their gaming to guide them through the thrilling narrative and in-game advancements.

As you play through the many situations, you will be completely immersed in the activities and occurrences. Enjoy the fantastic stories as you become completely engrossed in the in-game adventures and effortlessly explore the fantastic gameplay.

Explore the unique in-game mechanics with time controls

Furthermore, you will discover that Square Enix’s fantastic game is unlike any other story-based game available for mobile devices. The game provides fascinating in-game experiences and progression with its unique temporal control mechanics.

Android gamers will easily bend the flow of time and change the outcomes of many events in Life is Strange. Will this, however, cause any delays in the timeframe, and how severe will the consequences be for your future?

Enjoy the fantastic gameplay as you carefully uncover the hidden secrets and compelling storylines.

Experiences the unique adventures with multiple endings

Like previous story-based adventures, gamers in Life is Strange will be confronted with many challenges that will require your decision.

The story will take a completely different path, depending on your decisions. And unless you wish to change the courses by making better choices in the future, you will wind up where you started.

Throughout your unique experiences in Life is Strange, feel free to discover unique and exciting endings.

Make use of the camera mode to create amazing cinematic footage

For those interested, Life is Strange has a thrilling in-game narrative in which players can use the camera mod to capture incredible moments.

Feel free to make an awesome cinematic video as you explore Life is Strange’s fantastic gameplay. Join the online community and show off your fantastic Life is Strange photos.

Free to play

Despite all of these fantastic features, Life is Strange gamers may still enjoy their favorite mobile gaming experiences for free. For example, you may easily download and install the game from the Google Play Store.

Have access to the complete story with our mod

However, because Life is Strange is still a freemium product, Android gamers can only experience a fraction of the plot. As a result, if you decide to have full access to the game, you will have to pay.

You might want to try our Life is Strange unlocked gameplay, which is entirely free to play. Download the Life is Strange Mod APK from our website and follow the instructions.

Download & Install Life is strange Mod APK (Full Purchased Episodes ios) Hack Latest Version

  • If you have played this game before, uninstall it before moving on to the next stage.
  • Have you installed any other apks? If it is not already enabled, go to Settings>Security and enable “Unknown Sources.”
  • Now, go to the website mentioned above and download the Life is Strange MOD APK.
  • Download the app to your smartphone.
  • Grant all permissions requested by the game, such as media access or anything else.
  • Have fun while playing the game.


There is only one outstanding title that can compete with Sky: Children of the Light in terms of story-based gameplay, and that is Life is Strange.

The game features excellent in-game visuals, a stunning soundtrack, compelling tales, and incredible in-game mechanisms that will draw you in. And, of course, with our mod, you will always have access to the unlocked gameplay.


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