Exam Preparation – Gradeup Mod Apk (Premium Unlocked/VIP)


Students can learn more by studying online with Gradeup Mod APK, an e-learning platform. With the aid of this program, users or students can learn at any time, anywhere. Thanks to the learning app, students and teachers can connect on this study platform.

Many of the courses that the Gradeup app offers aid in expanding your knowledge on this particular subject.


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If you are studying online for the gate exam, SBI clerk, or any other competitive test, we offer you Gradeup pro APK here. This application is primarily used by students for their academic work, while the teacher also makes some money from it to support themselves.

Due to its provision of the most recent cutting-edge features and some significant items, our Gradeup premium APK has received close to a million downloads from our website.


What is Gradeup Mod APK?

Byju’s exam preparation program, Gradeup APK, has been modified, and you can use it to prepare for competitive exams. This application offers students 25+ courses for competitive tests and live classes that they may attend to finish their coursework or do better on their competitive exams.

All students preparing for competitive exams can benefit significantly from this Mod application, and you can take classes anywhere in the world. To put it another way, Gradeup Mod APK is a modified version of Byju’s exam preparation app that gives you access to online practice exams for better exam performance.


Feature of Gradeup APK Learning app (All Unlocked)

All of the functionality of the original app is included in this mod APK, along with several additional advanced features that make it easier to use and access the app.

Premium Online Courses

In this application, premium courses are offered without charge. These premium elements, which are difficult to obtain in standard original programs, are primarily premium videos, notes, and questions that are helpful to pass your competitive exam.

Available video for competitive exam

Because there are many premium videos, previous question solutions, mock tests, and live classes, you can improve your performance on this competitive exam.

Free to use

You can use this Mod version, which is entirely free, to advance your learning and gain access to numerous essential features without spending a dime. The videos, questions, notes, mock tests, and other resources that aid a lower middle class perform better in competitive exams are unlocked. In essence, this software offers premium features.

Support of Tutors

Students who use this program to prepare for competitive exams can quickly find an answer to their questions by asking their favourite teachers.

Enjoy Super membership

You can get a complimentary premium membership in this Gradeup Mod APK, which can help you pass competitive tests. Using this feature in the original software cost money, but in our modified version, it is free.

Live and Record class.

You can access live classes online and record them for use in the feature using the modified version of this application. The live class primarily offers some knowledgeable instructors and some of the most recent subjects in this category for competitive tests, and you must have free access to them.

No-Ads Display

With the aid of this function, the student can study without interruption and give their best effort in the competitive exam. The Gradeup Mod application gives you access to this function, which is quite expensive and only available in the premium edition of the original software for nothing.

Mod Features

  • Available critical quizzes for competitive exam
  • Notes available for you
  • Mock test unlock in this mod version
  • available all Previous year’s Question paper
  • Doubt solution
  • Available study material

Download Gradeup Premium Mod APK (Live Classes)

To download the Gradeup Premium app, adhere to the straightforward instructions below.

  • Remove the Gradeup app’s official installation first.
  • You then need to click the Download option down below.
  • Tap the Download option in the new window.
  • Wait a short while till downloading is complete.
  • Install the app immediately to gain access to premium features on your phone.


Is Gradeup Mod APK providing premium classes for free?

Yes, many of the premium online courses offered by our knowledgeable teacher are available here for free. This program primarily aids in preparation for competitive exams; students can pass their exams by consistently studying using the Gradeup application.

Gradeup learning app is best for Competitive exams?

This is the ideal software for preparing for competitive exams, where you may learn from numerous experienced and qualified professors. This application offers an excellent user experience and learning versatility that benefits both the learner and the teacher.

Why use Gradeup Mod APK?

The Gradeup mod version offers all of the premium class access and premium features offered by Byju’s test preparation app. This program offers teachers and students a very user-friendly interface.

Gradeup offers students test series, unlocked quizzes, and mock exams that fix questions and answers from prior competitive exams, ads that do not show, and resolves issues relating to the student.


A premium online e-learning program that has been altered from Byju’s exam-preparation app is called Gradeup Mod APK. You can use this mod program, which has hundreds of fantastic possibilities, throughout your study sessions to improve your performance on competitive tests.

It offers live classes, which you can easily record without problems, and many other cutting-edge tools that help students prepare for competitive exams. You may access all of the excellent online tutorings in this modified version without spending any money.

This allows you to strengthen your exam preparation plan, and you pass this exam in elementary with your work and approach.


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