Galaxy Shooter Mod Apk (All Unlocked)


The most popular arcade space shooter game on Google Play is Galaxy Shooter. Today, become an expert pilot in Galaxy Shooter Mod APK and defend Earth from a never-ending stream of extraterrestrial invaders! Experience the rush of action-packed aerial combat and challenging foes in retro shoot-them-up space battles!

Control the lone spacecraft, take down every alien group, and stop the alien forces from wiping out humanity immediately!

Features of Galaxy Shooter – Superb graphics and entertaining animations – Countless exciting missions – Attacking with a variety of cannons, lasers, and missiles are dozens of starships. – A vintage arcade fixed shooter that brings to remember older games – A genuine star battle experience – Several epic boss battles – Contemporary controls that make for entertaining and addicting gameplay


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Galaxy Shooter Mod APK – Overview

In Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, shoot down the alien spaceships attempting to destroy the Earth to win the game. Players will experience directing their spaceship to annihilate the approaching opponent as they become engrossed in captivating space fights while playing the game.

As your adversaries grow in number and ferocity, you will fight them alone. You are invited to investigate exciting interstellar battles. Let’s start combat right away.


Features of Galaxy Shooter Unlocked Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)


Defeat the evil plot

of the adversary. You will utilize your adaptable control methods to maneuver and snipe the opponent as numerous spaceships arrive in the sky. Players only need to touch the color of their device to operate their warship and avoid other ships and their retaliatory fire.

To stop bombardments from reaching you, locate and eliminate the targets. Engage in combat to thwart the villains’ schemes.

Because alien spacecraft constantly look for methods to crash or drop bombs to destroy you, you will maneuver carefully. Players seek to kill enemies while dodging bombs. You can also maneuver your spaceship to a location with enticing weapons or items for upgrading.

Although the gameplay is simple, winning is challenging. You must build clever strategies and learn how to efficiently avoid hostile ships and gunshots to avoid getting killed unfairly.

More substantial and more decadent, we fight.

After each level, the player must contend with other spaceships, and the danger from the enemy increases. As the number of alien spacecraft increases, players need to be cautious when making decisions; when you defeat an adversary in this space combat scenario, new adversaries and their loot constantly come unexpectedly.

The player can use these gifts to get skills like a more significant number of barrels, shields of protection, and healing. Because of this, killing many nasty men is required to obtain valuable things.

Bosses, the terrifying enemies with the capacity to battle hard and live longer, will come at the end of each level. Since many people have lost their lives due to boss sniping, you must utilize various abilities to escape it.

Different challenges and multiple rewards for the winner

There are many tasks in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter for you to complete. There are around 160 levels with exciting and challenging gameplay. The last boss, which must be slain for players to gain access to new fight arenas, is the most hazardous. Even though fighting the level’s monster is highly challenging and stressful, you will get many things if you succeed.

The game adds numerous more difficulties to the final boss encounter to keep gamers interested. To advance through the stages, you must demonstrate your adept dodging abilities.

In comet rain tasks, you can quickly eliminate foes by dodging and aiming your guns at them. People will receive incentives for completing tasks, such as gold coins and fighting gear like firearms, cannons, and armor.

Collection of many spacecraft new battle

You are not just pages. Develop strong fighting abilities, so you can increase the weaponry of your spaceship and dispatch the bad guys more quickly. After each upgrade, your weapon will instantly take your opponent out.

Utilize the money you earn to upgrade your weapons, which will boost their destructive potential. The most recent and sophisticated spacecraft can also be upgraded. Purchase numerous more spaceships to intensify the conflict because each form of the spaceship has a unique fighting style.

Online matchmaking options in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter include 1 vs. 1 and 1 vs. 3 battles. You will be able to compete against numerous gamers worldwide to elevate your status. However, if you wish to end the battle, try to avoid crashing into opposing ships or being shot at by them.

Players get an addicting space shooter with unforgiving fights in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. Players are transported to incredibly intense boss encounters through high-quality pictures.

You may watch incredible sniper scenarios as you foil evil plans to conquer the planet. Climb onboard your battleship and win a variety of fights. Compete with your sharpshooter abilities to save the universe.

Download Galaxy Shooter Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Diamonds + All Unlocked + Free Shopping)

Galaxy Shooter is a popular classic arcade game developed by Gameguru. It is an exciting and challenging game that will test your reflexes and shooting skills. The game features a variety of levels, enemies, and weapons, with each level becoming increasingly difficult as you progress through the game.

The mod version of Galaxy Shooter Mod APK offers unlimited money, diamonds, and all weapons, levels, and enemies unlocked. The free shopping feature allows you to purchase upgrades and power-ups to help you survive and defeat enemies. Install the mod apk of Galaxy Shooter and enjoy a complete gaming experience.

  • Download the Galaxy Shooter Mod Apk from the link given below.
  • Install the Mod Apk on your Android device.
  • Open the Mod Apk and enjoy all the unlimited money, diamonds, and all the other features.
  • Have fun and enjoy the game!


In the classic vertical shooter Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter (MOD, Unlimited Money), you take on the role of the world’s rescuer. Following the story, you must take control of the final warship still in existence and attempt to exterminate as many alien invaders as you can, which will increase with each level.

In Galaxy Attack mod apk, you must progress through more than 120 stages of varying difficulty while using numerous modules to enhance your shuttle and make the main objective easier to achieve. Notable features include the multiplayer mode and graphics modeled after gaming machines.


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