Exile Survival Mod APK (Unlimited Everything, Free Craft)


Exile Survival Mod APK is a good choice if you enjoy action role-playing games and wish to go on thrilling adventures in other locales. In this game, you aim to gather food, supplies, and resources to help you survive and fight. Additionally, you must kill any foes that plan to attack you and join forces with numerous other players to establish a strong tribe that will enable you to win all conflicts easily.


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About Exile Survival Game

Exile Survival is a fantasy survival action role-playing game where you must stay alive in a hostile wilderness. You can use character cosmetics to create a mohawk, a skinhead, a beard, and a robust and masculine dad who looks like the year 2000.

You build bases, just as in survival games like Last Day on Earth: Survival and Life After, but there is no degree of freedom because the locations of the facilities you can build are predefined.

Nevertheless, it is simple to comprehend. Use distinct weapons in your right and left hands to defeat enemies in a distinctive fighting style while surviving in the desolate wilderness. Father’s war starts now!


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Fascinating plot

Players will be taken to ancient Egypt while playing the game. You will take on the identity of Fallout, a powerful man with a tall build. Egypt’s soil was no longer as affluent after the catastrophic disasters. Thus, to live, people must take all necessary measures.

Fallout is no different; to survive, he must look for food everywhere every day. Finding resources is also vital to assist this man in building a safe sanctuary. In addition to ending there, our unfortunate lead character also gets to deal with vicious beasts. This is the time to stand up for him. To protect this man, get ready to exterminate all adversaries.


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Features of Exile Survival Mod APK (Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Everything + God Mode + Free Craft, Free Shopping)

Explore the features of Exile Survival Mod APK (Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Everything + God Mode + Free Craft, Free Shopping).

Exciting 3d RPG style simulation game

Unique fantasy features and an exciting plot combine in an action role-playing game set in a medieval and post-apocalyptic world. The novel takes place during the height of a magnificent ancient civilization and will take you through many fascinating events. This area has become a bleak desert due to global warming and the catastrophic loss of once-great legacies.

With technology, you can gather various resources and play the game longer. You awaken during the world’s end in a hostile desert without your equipment, clothing, or shelter. You must get supplies and repel all of the assaults by yourself if you want to live.

Craft and Build to survive

You have a unique ability in the game to create brand-new armor and weapons for bloody conflicts. Everything will be in your hands, and you will make all the decisions; this is not a game based on chance. You must first collect resources, then process those resources to create the equipment you require.

After exhausting skirmishes in the desert, you can go home to recover and refuel for the upcoming combat. Additionally, you need to make your home more durable so that you may construct things and turn them into a secure haven and formidable stronghold. It serves as your defense against the enemy’s external harshness.

One of the most crucial tasks in Exile is survival construction, which requires the hero’s physical skills to build a home. You will seek shelter in it to withstand the assault of assailants and the threat of terrible monsters.

Hack-n-slash style combat

Exile Survival’s battles are primarily expressed through hack-and-slash. This game effectively depicts thrilling battle scenes where players can engage in various fighting maneuvers to eliminate all adversaries.

You can use many assaults simultaneously or mix different weapons to develop epic powers. While playing the game, you can direct your character to perform various actions if fighting is not your thing. Build a base, explore the landscape, and interact with NPCs to learn more about the available plot.

Ensure primary survival factors

You must first take care of your character’s fundamental needs to keep them alive before you can consider defeating the adversary. Therefore, to preserve life, the first thing you must do is locate a food source. Fear not; food supplies can be found all across the map. All you have to do is move the character around to look for a good food source.

Additionally, avoid partying while gathering the supplies needed to begin crafting weapons and taking part in the hunt. The character can best refuel after exhausting days of activity with meals from this source. Various animals can attack you while you are on the hunt. Make every effort to ensure your character survives; otherwise, you will have to start over.

Explore places and collect resources

One of the earliest open-world survival games, Exile Survival Mod APK offers the best role-playing in a realistic and vibrant post-apocalyptic atmosphere. Additionally, odd new opponents and even unusual ancient civilizations will be present as you explore exotic forests.

Start living a dangerous existence in the wilderness, fight through the evil dungeons, and take the upper hand over your rivals. Alternately, you will engage in action-packed combat in a pitch-black desert. Gain victory to acquire priceless loot and unique resources that will help you strengthen your base, armor, and power.

Fight dangerous enemies in the battles

You will face numerous fierce and powerful foes in this action role-playing game, including scorpions, amazons, tigers, and spiders. You can demonstrate your might by launching blows from poisonous, specially crafted weapons.

The stronger the opponents you encounter, the more challenging your fight path will be as you advance in this RPG game’s world. You will face the boss and their minions with an attack towards the conclusion of the battles; therefore, you must be adaptable.


Cool graphics

Despite being created in the well-known hack-and-slash fashion, Exile Survival’s graphic creation process is more aesthetically pleasing. Players can explore the game’s details with a brighter perspective in addition to the gore-filled slash-and-slash scenes.

The settings are portrayed fairly clearly, producing typical personalities, which will help gamers enjoy some harmony. However, because it still contains graphic visuals of blood, this game is only appropriate for those at least 16 years old.

Download & Install the Exile Survival Mod APK (Unlimited Energy, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Everything + God Mode + Free Craft, Free Shopping) latest version

Follow the steps to download the Exile Survival Hack Mod APK [Unlocked Everything, Unlimited Everything].

  • Go to the apkaft.com website and search “Exile Survival Mod APK.”
  • Click on the download button to download the MOD APK file.
  • After the download, open the file and install it on your device.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the game and enjoy unlimited Money.


Exile Survival APK includes every component a player would expect to find in a classic RPG. You will experience the struggle for survival in the game together with various distinct emotions. There are moments when you have to take many actions to survive, and in those situations, evil characters will undoubtedly appear.

Download the MOD version of the game below the article if you want an easier time surviving.


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