Criminal Case Mod Apk (Unlimited Stars and Energy)


I had a fantasy of being a detective because of the detective movies. I may live out my dream thanks to the setting provided by the game Criminal Case MOD APK. You can download it for free right now. To improve your experience, we also offer a MOD version!

The Criminal Case sheds light on the forensics sector and the dedication of police personnel in homicide investigations. The opening scene takes place in the dangerously criminal town of Grimsborough.

Numerous innocent persons have been killed recently. However, the residents’ security squad is missing a member who can compile evidence to identify the most recent murderer.


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You must take on the role of a criminalist and attempt to expose many crimes in the quest game Criminal Case (MOD, Unlimited Energy/Hints), which belongs to the series of find-it-all games.

The steps in the game are as follows: after arriving at the crime scene, you must carefully examine it, gather evidence, look at it and make the necessary inferences.

You will also be responsible for searching for and interviewing crime victims and witnesses. Based on the data gathered, you will also expose murders, robberies, and thefts.


What is the criminal case mod apk?

Many different types of games are available on various platforms, but most people choose to play them on their mobile devices. The benefit of playing a game on a portable device is that you can do so whenever and wherever you are, with no additional equipment.

So many people enjoy playing mystery and puzzle games because discovering secrets is the most enjoyable. These video games have riddles and various chores that must be completed to advance.

These days, local television stations frequently feature the best mystery and puzzle games, in which players must solve various criminal cases.


Criminal Case Mod Apk is a trendy and fantastic game. A mystery puzzle game called “criminal case mod apk” places you in the role of an investigator who must look into criminal cases to apprehend the perpetrators.

You could play this game to solve crimes and put yourself in the role of a detective. Instead, looking for hidden things at the scene would be best to uncover information about the crime.

To find the murderer, you can examine the artifacts and gather various pieces of evidence. Keep up with the U.S. because there is more to say about this game.

Features of criminal case mod apk (Unlimited Money/Energy/Stars)

Investigate Corrupt town

The neighborhood has numerous unresolved criminal cases, and the city is entirely corrupt. In the game, you play a detective who wants to solve every issue efficiently. In a gloomy and dishonest town, you can examine crime sites.

Play with Friends

You will be able to play this game with your friends, which means that not only can you be helped in any criminal case, but you may also be able to help your friends resolve the case. To compete for the title of best detective both within the game and among your friends, you can play with your friends.

Play as a detective

The case of a young woman slain outside the town’s entrance presents the brilliant investigator with his first task. You will need to look for clues to further the inquiry here. Start by looking for bodies and weapons. They must be delivered to the lab for the required sampling and analysis.

If the attacker is a novice, he can leave behind fingerprints, blood, or tissue cells like skin, nails, or hair. So, when you work with the police to gather data about residents, you will have no trouble identifying them.

If the offender is more intelligent, you will need to go through more steps before you can take the ultimate one. The lab staff will give details, such as how the deceased was slain and whether the murderer was left- or right-handed.

The sheriff will assist in looking into and zoning criminals, in addition to items that the system mandates you check on the spot.

If all goes according to plan, you will search the area for any missing items. For example, they may be mailboxes to check the items contacted with the victim, bloody cocaine, or anything else that could provide information.

You cannot predict anything.

Pretty Simple used a good deal of reasoning when creating their game. However, you will soon understand that despite the crime scene’s easy access to evidence and the skilled police support staff, identifying the final offender is still very much a matter of speculation.

If you’re having trouble, use the tips. Ask insightful questions to expose suspects when questioning them.

Witnesses play a crucial role as well. Before being killed, they can predict when their neighbors will arrive home or exhibit some strange behavior. You can have a conversation with them to learn more.

Players must be logical, observant, and able to put things in the proper order to solve the Criminal Case. However, it does not apply to every circumstance. For example, who would have suspected that a man was hiding behind each offender?

3D Graphics

The Criminal Case Mod APK area unit’s 3D graphic feature will make detectives swoon over its breathtaking and exquisite graphics. The visual effects and description are unquestionably created to make the sport appear suitable.

The murders are everywhere.

Grimsborough was shown as a lonely and dishonest community. This area has no rules before you ever step foot in it. So let’s rectify that by locating the previous employer; he is undoubtedly just as cunning and clever as James Moriarty, who caused trouble for Sherlock Holmes and nearly cost him his life.

The crime scene is where this journey starts. Anywhere can experience it in a victim’s restroom, on the side of the road, on the edge of a woodland, or even in a car. The situation might become problematic when a scenario is in a small space, with too many objects hiding evidence or firearms.

Sometimes it is too enormous and out of view. If you look closely, you might be able to spot the emblem of a violent group!

Free of value

This game is free, and the version of Criminal Case that you may download for free is a mod. This game is portable in the form of an Apk so that you may play without any problems. Technical issues are fixed.

With the help of routine updates, all the game’s small and significant technical issues and bugs are currently fixed as needed.

Bugs got removed

Several significant and minor flaws are being fixed throughout Criminal Case Mod Apk.

Key Features of criminal case mod apk (Unlimited Hints/Energy/Money/Stars)

Unlimited Hints

You can acquire as many tips and unlimited hints as you want in the game because it is a modified version that will help you solve the case immediately.

Unlimited Energy

Because you require energy to solve the criminal case, the energy in the original Criminal Case is limited. However, this mod version gives you unlimited energy so that you can play for hours.

  • Unlimited Energy: When used, your energy cannot be depleted.
  • Unlimited Money: You have 100 million dollars.

Download and Install Criminal Case Mod APK (Unlocked All Levels) Latest Version

  • You must first navigate your phone’s settings to transfer Criminal Case Mod Apk.
  • Open the security settings, select the option for unknown sources, and check the box.
  • Open the transfer link to add the Criminal Case Mod Apk (Unlocked All Levels) file to your device.
  • Open the Apk file after downloading and click the install button, which is usually located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Wait until the installation is complete before cleaning up the background.
  • Start the game and enjoy cleaning up the crime scenes on your device.


Is Criminal Case Mod Apk safe to download?

Yes! There are no viruses like worms, spyware, malware, or Trojan horses in Criminal Case Mod Apk, making it 100% safe and free from other security concerns and issues. This game may be easily transferred and installed without any problems.

Is this game lightweight in size?

No! The game Criminal Case Mod Apk is not a fair game; instead, your device should have about 125 MBs available to play this game without issues.

Can I transfer this mod version game from Google Play Store?

No! Due to Google Play Store’s lack of mod games and applications, you might not be able to get this modified version of Criminal Case Mod Apk with unlimited stars, energy, money, and hints from there.

This game can only be downloaded directly from the internet as an Apk without any problems.


As we examine each piece of evidence, take note of witnesses, and possibly even have the good fortune to question the crucial killer, the program has been tested and validated numerous times and is simple to play or transfer.

This seedy, corrupt community needs experts like you. You will frequently turn to suggestions during your investigation because they will help you swiftly find everything you need. Become the most straightforward detectives and solve every murder in this town.

You may learn exactly how a criminal case mod apk handles a case by reading about it. It also demonstrates the cruelty of the offenders through their heinous murders. Make them answer for the harm they have inflicted. Finally, you hold the balance of justice in your hands.

Last but not least, if there is a suggestion, I hope Pretty Simple can include a more specific case file containing the killer’s motive. Those who work in criminal psychology analysis might gain something from this.


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